time to get satisfried 🍔🍟

Pictured: Vegan Royale

By now everyone and their mother has tried Burger King’s NEW VEGAN/PLANT BASED OPTIONS!! Stay tuned for our thoughts…

💷 £4.79 ~ £1.99 on Monday using their app!!
👍🏽 I absolutely loved it: 10/10 for me! The @vegeterianbutcher patty was delicious, and paired so well with the Mayo (there is plenty of Mayo hidden under the lettuce) and lettuce!! Before eating it I was sceptical that it would be dry, as many vegan patties tend to be. But I think that because they microwave it, it stays nice and moist! The texture is really nice and chewy, but not too chewy, and the patty actually fills you up! I would get it again!

💷 £4.79
Unfortunately we did not get to try the whopper as I was not ok with it being cooked on the same grill as their meat patties – they confirmed this at the counter! 👉🏽But I know many of you guys are, so feel free to share  below how that tastes!!👈🏽 ✨I haven’t eaten at Burger King for years, but I will now become a regular😂 ✨

💷 £4.59
👍🏽 I’d give this a solid 8/10!! It’s a good standard vegan option, and I’m happy it comes with lettuce 🥬 and tomatoes 🍅 and for me, the more sauce the better so both the Mayo and ketchup were appreciated!! I gave it 8, as it’s not the most imaginative vegan option but it works!! I would get it again!


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