day six: cheesy pasta (two ways)


Pasta la vista, baby!!!!


It was inevitable, we were bound to part ways… Yes the time has arrived for our last post in this series! Some could say it’s our ‘akhri pasta’ (for all the Indians out their)! How is it day six already? So for our last post we’re showing you two ways to eat a good ol’ cheesy pasta!

For day six we present:
1. Cheesy mac and cheese ( BOSH! ultimate vegan mac and cheese recipe)
2. Classic pasta bake

Overall, we have really enjoyed this series! It allowed us to play around with recipes and step out of our comfort zone. Who would have thought that we would and actually could make cheese sticks?! We hope you enjoyed this series and we encourage all of you guys to try and challenge yourselves. Be sure to send in suggestions of what our next series should be! Of course, we would also like to thank Green Vie for sending us a large variety of their cheese. You can find their cheese in your local Tesco or on their website.

    find the recipe here




final post in the series: Cheese Week


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