day two: cheese sticks


prep time: 20 mins/ overnight

cook time: 10 – 15 mins

level: easy – medium

makes: 10 – 12 sticks

try naming a ‘grater’ plan than one involving melted cheese, stringy cheese and fried cheese


For day two we wanted to make a side dish we have been dreaming of making for a while but were never quite so brave: cheese sticks! I’m sure many of you fellow Londoners will be nodding along when I say that Mooshies cheese sticks are God’s gift to Earth. Sadly, lockdown has parted our ways so we decided to bring them right to our kitchen! For this dish we opted to use @greenvie_dairyfree parveggio cheese and opted to use Richa Hingle ‘Vegan Mozzarella Sticks’ recipe with a few minor tweaks! Continue reading to see our tweaks and personal tips!


1/4 cup flour

Breading Wet:
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup oat milk
2 tbsp flour
garlic powder
black pepper

Breading Dry:
1/2 cup bread crumbs
black pepper


  1. Use three bowls and place the flour in one. Separately mix together ingredients under Breading Wet and Breading Dry and keep to the side in the other two bowls.
  2. Cut the @greenvie_dairyfree parveggio cheese into long, thin slices.
  3. Place the cheese slices one by one into the flour, then into the Breading Wet bowl, and then into the Breading Dry bowl. Place into the freezer for 20 minutes if making these to immediately serve or overnight to get better results.
  4. Once out of the freezer fry a maximum of three sticks at once in a fry pan on low – medium heat depending on stove. Fry each side for 30 seconds or until golden brown, flipping to cook another side after each interval. Continue the process until all the cheese sticks are fried. Serve immediately and enjoy with dips!

Top tips:

  • Be sure to coat the bread crumbs on the cheese sticks generously.
  • Make sure the oil stays hot after taking out the fried cheese sticks and placing in new ones.
  • Freeze coated cheese sticks overnight for best results.


for day three in Cheese Week



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