day one: cheese toasties


prep time: 5 mins

cook time: 5 mins

level: easy

serves: 2-3

cheesy, but true


This might sound cheesy but we have fallen in love with @greenvie_dairyfree cheese. Seriously, we think it’s grate! In honour of their launch in @tescofood you feta believe we have decided to do CHEESE WEEK solely using @greenvie_dairyfree cheese. So stay tuned to see the different ways in which we use it!


one onion
one tomato
one – two chillies
@greenvie_dairyfree cheddar cheese grated
vegan maragrine
brown bread
nutritional yeast


  1. Mix the chopped tomato, onion and chillies (one or two depending on preference), mixing in seasoning.
  2. Spread margarine on both slices of bread. Place the veg on top, topping it with ketchup, cheese and nutritional yeast. Place both slices of bread together, margarine sides facing inwards.
  3.  Toast until the bread is golden brown, and enjoy hot and fresh!


for day two in Cheese Week


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