sushi recipe

prep time: less than 45 mins

cook time: 5 mins

level: easy – medium

Sushi me roll-ing, they hatin’ 👅🤪



For the rice and stuffing:

300g sushi rice
nori seaweed

For the Japanese Mayo:

3tbsp mayo
1tbsp soy sauce


bamboo sushi rolling mat


For the sushi rice:

  1. Place the rice in a pan full of water and use your hands to gently mix the water into the rice. Remove the water when cloudy. Repeat this process until the water  is no longer cloudy (normally takes 5-6 times). For one last time place the rice in water for up to 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the water out. Fill a pan with water and boil the rice for 8 minutes on high gas. Once the gas is turned off leave the rice in the pan with a lid on it in order to steam the rice for another 20 minutes or until the rice is cooked.

For the Japanese Mayo:

  1. Mix the mayo with the soy sauce until combined.

For the sushi:

  1. Place the nori seaweed sheet on top of the mat leaving a gap on the left side, which will allow you to fold the mat at the end (see gap in picture 3).
  2. Pour some water into a cup which you can use whilst flattening the rice. Place the rice on top of the seaweed sheet, using the water to flatten the rice. Leave a strip on the far right side (see picture 2).
  3. Place the Japanese mayo in a strip, close to the left edge of the seaweed sheet. Place chosen vegetable above (see picture 3).
  4. Begin to roll the sushi, firmly creating a roll. You can use water to seal the folds if necessary (see picture 4). Please here to see a detailed video on how to roll sushi.
  5. Using a knife with a damp blade cut into even pieces, beginning by cutting the roll in half then cutting the halves in half and so on (see picture 5). To keep the blade damp, dip into water after each slicing. Enjoy with some soy sauce, Japanese mayo and/ or wasabi.

(Follow the steps with pictures below)

place down the nori seaweed sheet
spread out the rice evenly and not too thick, leaving space on the far right side for when the sushi is folded
spread the Japanese mayo into a straight strip and place the chosen veg on top of the mayo
slowly roll it up
cut into even pieces
and voila!


Recipe from beetsandbobs


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