The Locals Cafe

 3/5 ££/£££

Now this is something I’d like to spoon 😋😋


Açaí what you did there @thelocals_cafe … serving up some of the most Instagram worthy dishes in one of the most Instagram worthy locations! Now that I’ve made brunchin’ a necessity over the weekend, a friend and I headed on over to The Locals! Although they are not fully vegan, they have a select few vegan choices such as: charcoal smoothie bowl, Acai smoothie bowl and organic oat porridge (which is also gluten-free). Be sure to check their website for the latest updates on their menu.

Açaí Bowl
Pistachio Cake




So this has to be the prettiest and tastiest smoothie bowl I’ve ever eaten! I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to taste as good as it did! The fruits taste very fresh and when combined with the coconut yoghurt, this bowl was very refreshing! My favourite part? The crunchy granola bits added in! It adds a lovely texture and makes the bowl very filling! Plus, for those health freaks like us, the bowl also contains chia seeds.

The pistachio cake is nice and moist, everything a good cake should be. Needless to say, I bought another slice to take home! Plus, it goes really well with mimosas.

The fallback? They lack a variety of vegan options! Hopefully they will take this feedback onboard and add more!


With the bowl coming in at £10 and the cake for £4.50, it is certainly a little pricey but worth every penny! Let’s just say, we racked up quite a high bill once we add in the mimosas!


CHELSEA: 8 Gaylord Road, London, SW1W 8DT




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