I Will Kill Again

4.5/5 stars   £-££/£££


With Valentine’s Day approaching I have something to confess: food…. words cannot espresso how much you mean to me 💕💕



Along with needing to get in my five-a-day I also believe that it is essential to get in a once-a-week brunch. With that being said, my friends and I thought we would finally check out Dark Arts Coffee (I Will Kill Again) in Hackney and see what all the hype is about!

So what exactly is Dark Arts Coffee?

Founded in East London back in 2014 by a bunch of friends, Dark Arts Coffee works to provide the best damn coffee in town. Their secret? They ‘import only the best beans from around the world and roast them until they taste good as a brown drink’. Our favourite part of their story? They have never made a business decision sober.

Please note: Dark Arts Coffee is not exclusively vegan and their menu is seasonal and varies!V


Chocolate Cake



Us Londoners take our coffee very seriously, not necessarily because we find it tasty (though I really do), but sadly because we simply just need lots of it. So naturally my friends and I took it upon ourselves to test out this supposedly ‘best coffee’. After my friends grabbed a cup of coffee they solemnly swore that this IS the best coffee in town. I won’t try and further explain how they manage to do it, but they just do.

Having bean craving a burrito for the longest while I was eager to order this burrito wrap and my gosh was it good! It was full of flavour, with the beans combined with the salsa👅👅All the greens, with the guacamole, made me feel super healthy too. My favourite part of this burrito would have to be the cream cheese, it added that necessary kick and texture (plus I am just a sucker for anything cheese related)!

The chocolate cake was the icing on top – the perfect balance of moistness and spongeyness! Plus, the chocolate wasn’t too dark and rich so this cake was not at all sickly.

Overall, I also really appreciate the amount of vegan sides they offered (at an additional cost)



With the main meals coming in for around £10 and the desserts for £4, it is all certainly normal London pricing! Their coffee comes in for around £2 (depending on the size ordered).



HACKNEY: Arch 216, 27A Ponsford, E9 6JU



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