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Food that is out of this world 🚀✨

Introducing Genesis, the new retro addition to our vegan scene in London and gosh I must say, this is nacho average vegan restaurant! Launched by the Santoro brothers, Genesis’ plant-based, GMO-free and organic dishes take inspiration from street food found all around the world! Their creative menu includes: Aloo Chaat 🇮🇳, Chilaquiles Rojos 🇲🇽, Char Kway Teow 🇲🇾 and their famous American Woman Burger 🇺🇸

FUN FACT: Genesis are the only restaurant in the UK exclusively using avocado oil for frying!

American Woman Burger
Genesis Burger
Ice Cream Sundae


To view their full and extensive menu click on this link.


Let us review these ginormous looking burgers! Firstly, the American Woman Burger (our favourite burger): we have to say, what an epic name for an epic burger! The patty itself was so gosh damn delicious – soft on the inside and perfectly crunchy on the outside. The bun itself was delicious and thankfully did not dominate the burger overall! But our favourite part of the burger, you ask? The sauces! By gosh, one thing you can not call this burger is dry! And a big shout out to the gherkins which give it that extra kick. And by golly, it is a grate plan to ask for the coconut cheese.

Having doubled up on the patties in the Genesis Burger, we knew it would a mission to eat it. However, with napkins at the ready, we tackled this challenge head on. The best way to describe this burger is to liken it to a vegan version of a BLT! The patty itself was full of flavour and when combined to the magical Genesis sauce and Garlic Mayo (yes, it is as good as it sounds), it was all a big hit for us!

Now onto the dish you have all been waiting for: the Ice Cream Sundae. It was fluffy, creamy and when topped with the sauce, a big (quite literally) success! Oh, and did we mention that it is gluten free?!


With the burgers come in for around £9 each, with the option to add coconut cheese for an extra £1, their burgers are standard London pricing. Considering how big and juicy this beast was, it’s totally value for money! Their small plates and desserts come in for around £5 – £7 each.


SHOREDITCH: 144 Commercial Street, E1 6NU


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