Wharf Kitchen

This blog post is in collaboration with Wharf Kitchen. #ad


Holy shiitake… lettuce celebrate the launch of Wharf Kitchen🙌🏼😜


Launched last November at Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf’s new Wharf Kitchen combines two of our favourite concepts: food and music (though on work days it’s strictly food for us)🍴🎶 So you may be thinking what one can expect and in a nutshell: good food, with the food hall being home to restaurants such as Ahi Poké London and The Vurger Co ! But good food is not all, one can also expect good music, with the food hall hosting live music and DJs on Thursday and Friday evenings (be sure to bring your dancing shoes, I know I will be). Over this week during our lunch breaks we will be exploring the different restaurants they have to offer, so join us in our journey!




Today we opted for Ahi Poké London , one of our favourite places to grab a quick but healthy lunch! Founded in 2006, Ahi Poké gives us the perfect Californian feels. Serving fresh local vegetables and fruits alongside using recycled, bio-degradable and compostable plastic where possible Ahi Poké is a big yes from us! Plus, you can build your own bowl allowing you to choose exactly what you do and do not want to include, a concept which actively works to reduce food waste!


First you must choose a BASE:

•brown rice




Next, choose a SAUCE (all are gluten-free and dairy-free!):

•black chili

•sriracha mayo

•Korean BBQ + many more



Their toppings include, but are not exclusive to (the options are endless!):


•coconut sweet potato






•smashed yuzu avocado

•cashew nut



CANARY WHARF: Lower Mall -2, Jubilee Place, E14 5NY



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