Arancini Brothers

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And on the eighth day God created Risotto Balls 🙌🏼🙏🏼


arancini burger 1_fotor
Chorizo Burger


Recently we headed over to the launch of Arancini Brothers’ new venue on Maltby Street. Somehow managing to take the wrong route we ended up walking for 20 minutes (I am what some may call ‘geographically challenged’). But, as they say ‘all is well that ends well’. Indeed, all ended well – we had a lovely evening full of great food and impeccable service! You could even say, we had a ball of a time…

Founded in 2009 by Big Dave and Little Dave (we can confirm that this is their real names), Arancici Brothers went from being a tiny market in Brick Lane on Sunday mornings to a chain restaurant with locations dotted all over London! Currently they sell not only Risotto Balls and Risotto Burgers, but also Brekkie Wraps, Breakfast Baps, Hot Stews and Salad Boxes! We are excited to see where this journey leads them to!




As you know, we are always on the hunt for authentic and tasty food and Arancini Brothers have hit the nail on the head! First we shall start with their Risotto Balls. Slightly crunchy and perfectly fried on the outside but soft and stuffed to perfection on the inside, one can’t go wrong ordering these. The sauce for the Classic Citrus Balls was so creamy and dreamy – perfect if one desires a cheesy imitation!❗️Can we just suggest to the Arancini Brothers team that they label these Balls with a caution sign – ‘CAUTION: consuming one of our Risotto Balls will lead to an addiction’❗️

My favourite burger would be the BBQ. Being the mushroom lover that I am, I thought this was the safest option to go for. Surprisingly, and thankfully, the mushroom flavours are subtle and well done! The burger was perfectly crunchy and full of flavour! It is the mayo, however, which is essential as it compliments the patty and further prevents the burger being from being dry on the whole! Amesha’s favourite would be the Tasty as she loved the onion jam and eggplant sauce – tasting much less overwhelming than one would think! The crispy onions also provided that extra crunch, allowing the texture of the burger to be just right! Our least favourite burger would have to be their Chorizo burger simply due to preference. As we always say, we do not look for a burger and patty which imitates meat in how it looks and/or tastes, if anything we look for one that does not look and/or taste of meat. We find it hugely off-putting, which is why this burger is a no from us. It was scary how real it tastes – so it is certainly perfect for those vegans who love and miss chorizo!

Having the biggest sweet tooth I logically took it upon myself to sample all the desserts by the lovely Agnes Vagasi, founder of The London Feel Good Co. Ltd. After sampling all her treats, I was glad to hear that they will be permanently available in this branch! My favourite sweet treat would have to be her chocolate cake – it was perfectly moist, with the icing complimenting the sponge to the T. Upon hearing that the cake was made using coconut sugar I did not need further encouragement to grab another slice! Our second favourite treat was Agnes’ strawberry Jammie Dodger style biscuits – finally we’ve found a veganised (and tastier) version of the OG! The carrot cake was of course a success, can it ever taste anything but delicious?! We were also very excited to try some of Agnes’ sausage roll bites, which tasted similar to the Greggs’ new vegan sausage roll but considerably healthier – it is made using 14 different grains and significantly less oil!



With their 5/7/12 magical risotto balls coming in for £4.75/6.25/9.00 you are certainly in for a treat! The Chorizo Burger (£9.25), Tasty (£8.75) and BBQ (£9.50) all come under £10 which is reasonable considering firstly, how good they are and secondly, how they already contain the necessary cheese and sauces so no extra sneaky costs need to be added in!



CAMDEN: 115A Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB

HACKNEY: 592 Kingsland Road, E8 4AH

ISLINGTON: 42 Old Street, EC1V 9AE

BERMONDSEY: Arch 34 Maltby Street, SE1 3PA

They can also be booked for private events – check their website for more details:



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