Tofu scramble

Prep: 5 min
Cook: 10 – 15 min
Total: 15 – 20 min

• Breakfast (and for those who love eating breakfast meals for dinner)
• Easy
• Student-friendly

• 3/4 people, depending on personal preference (we like to eat LARGE portions!!) and how it is served (as a side or as the main part of the meal).

So for a while I was scrambling for the perfect recipe (sorry but it had to be done!) for a tofu scramble. Before I became vegan a regular Sunday morning compromised of egg scramble so finding a satisfying vegan replacement, where I didn’t feel like I was settling, was key! And low and behold, I think I may have worked out a combination of spices that work for me! Being someone who is used to an Indian spice palette, I take my spices very seriously! With that being said, let’s get into the recipe:

• Two blocks of tofu (recently we have been using Dragonfly’s 300g Super Firm Fresh Organic Tofu)
• Oil (as of late we prefer to use rapeseed oil, we shall do a separate post on this soon!)
• A pinch of salt
• A pinch of pepper
• A pinch of black salt (optional, you will either love this or hate this!)
• A pinch of paprika
• Nutritional yeast

1. Rinse tofu slabs with cold water and place on a chopping board, placing a heavy but flat object such as a plate on top of it (optional: you can lightly press down on tofu with this flat object, allowing the process of draining the tofu as much as possible)
2. Place the drained tofu in a bowl and scramble with hands
3. Drizzle oil on a non-stick pan and throw in the scrambled tofu, allowing the tofu to cook on low-medium heat for 3 minutes
4. Add in the seasonings and the nutritional yeast according to taste
5. Remove from pan once tofu has become crispy and light brown

Serving suggestions:
• Serve as part of a full English vegan breakfast
• Serve on top of toast or crackers as a snack


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